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Monark Avenue, Woodridge Heights, Marikina City
63(2) 482-1965

Welcome to LINKS School for Life !

W e hope that this website will give you a glimpse not only of our school but also of our inherent purpose. We, the founders of the school, have committed ourselves to the service of educating young children and helping parents find a second home for their children. Moreover, we have also adhered to the goal of providing multi-pronged, service-oriented programs for children, families, teachers, caregivers and other community members. This is in keeping with the name of the school itself as LINKS is an acronym for Learning In Knowledge and Society. As such, we hope to extend the teaching and learning experience beyond the walls of the classroom and into the larger arena of life in our community, society and our world.

Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam

Jose & Cecilia Del Rosario
Founders, LINKS School for LIFE


".... the blood of our ancestors incessantly moves in us and combines with our own to form the unique unrepeatable being that we are at every turning of our life."
Letters to A Young Poet
Rainer Maria Rilke


W e give tribute and dedicate our efforts to our parents, our forebears who showed us the way, gave us the means, and infused us with so much inspiration. In their own quiet and unprepossessing ways, with neither fuss nor fanfare, they were faithful to the proddings of the Spirit. We need only to look at how their lives exemplified unwavering devotion to God, lifelong dedication to duty, daily commitment to service, and humble gratitude mirrored in selfless generosity, to realize that they have set fine examples for all their children and grandchildren. Having shown us the way, we now joyfully take no other recourse, but to tread the path that they have paved.